Selling to Corporate Consolidators

Both the Dental Industry and the Veterinary Industry have seen a wave of corporate consolidations. Many of the big corporations solicit practice owners at conventions, through direct mail, through email blasts and through print and digital media. Some practice owners reach out to the corporate consolidators via their corporate website or through a friend that has sold his/her practice to a corporation.

Frequently, a broker such as Nate Lynch & associates LLC is left out of the equation under the mistaken assumption that the selling Doctor will save money by omitting a broker. However, not utilizing the experience and skill of a brokerage company like Nate Lynch & Associates LLC could be one of the costliest mistakes a doctor will make in his/her career.

The Corporate Consolidators have entire teams of highly skill professionals to help them acquire practices. They have lawyers, professional buyers, and other marketing professionals and they have years of experience at buyer practices. For most selling Doctors he/she might sell one or two practices in a lifetime.  Put Nate Lynch & associates LLC on your team.